Another Yard Sale Success and Sewing Curtains

I have decided that, since I gave up the DirecTV and the, I needed to have some sort of entertainment for the winter months. I will be reading and sewing.

I purchased 8 books for $4.00 at a yard sale Sunday, as well as a few other books over the summer. I am currently reading Lisey’s Story by Stephen King, which I picked up for a quarter. I also have a couple of John Saul books, Pay it Forward, and quite a few Dean R. Koontz books.

There are only a few nights a week in which we watch television shows. On these nights, I will likely be sewing the curtains by hand. Then, I will be reading on the other evenings.

What are your plans for cheap entertainment this winter?



6 thoughts on “Another Yard Sale Success and Sewing Curtains

  1. I will be making Christmas presents this winter and home made not package cooking.. not going out to eat except for birthday or anniversary… maybe have friends over for dinner feasts every few weeks. I will also be making beaded bracelets to match the clothes I have. I will try and motivate myself to work on Christmas cards and scrapbooks, too. BUT time will tell what actually happens when it get cold.
    Joni in CA

  2. It sounds like you will be very busy this winter as well. We do a lot of baking at the holidays to give as gifts, some from mixes, and some from scratch. I also have to start working on holiday cards. I’m wondering if I have any left over from last year…

  3. hopefully more reading. we will download/rent some dvds (no tv now) and i want to continue to expand my creativity with vegetarian cooking. i am interested in ingredients that allow a variety of presentation and in using minimum ingredients but still maximum taste.

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