Todays Yard Sale Finds

I had some luck at the yard sales that I found this morning. I got in and extra 2 miles of walking. And I earned 20 cents by picking up a few returnables. No too bad of a day!

Here were my yard sale finds:

1 cordless phone unit: 1 base phone, 2 smaller base phones that we won’t need phone jacks for. $5.00

4 cooling racks for holiday baking $1.00

1 free ceramic mini loaf pan FREE

3 holiday baskets that I can put treats in to give as gifts at the holidays .25 for the set

1 bird wind chime to give as a gift .25

1 frame: will hold like 5 photos .75

2 bath poufs .25 set

1 angel tree top .25

1 set two canning jar candles .75 set


And last weeks finds:

Pay it Forward novel .50

I love getting bargains!!!


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