How To Get Your Deposit Back When You Move

No, this is not really a how-to article, LOL. It is more of an update of my day.

Today, my mother, sister, nephew and I helped my brother to clean and finish packing up his apartment so that he could finish moving. Mom and I each brought a bucket with rags and cleaning supplies, and mom also brought her vacuum. We cleaned and finished packing, though most of his stuff had already been moved into the other apartment.

(We noticed that all of the apartments that my brother moves into are #2.)

Anyway, in the fine state of Maine, you can count on the landlords painting and getting the rugs washed themselves, so wiping down the walls quickly and vacuuming are all that is necessary there.

Giving the bathroom a good cleaning doesn’t take long, and neither does wiping out the closets and washing the windows.

The most time consuming room is the kitchen, because you have to wash out the cupboards and clean all of the appliances well.

Anyway, my brother is all moved, and should get back most, if not all, of his deposit.

He is moving into a two bedroom apartment to share bills with a friend.

Have a nice evening everyone.



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