Recycling Pants

I wear stretch pants. They are not the most economical, but they are the most comfortable. I have to buy new pants every 5-6 months, because they wear out so fast (which is why they are not really economical). I refuse to wear jeans until I lose some weight. Stretch pants are more comfortable anyway.

I purchased a few pairs of pants with my income taxes because the old ones had worn out. What did I do with the old ones? I turned them into shorts that I can wear to bed at night. I must wear something to bed at night during the hot weather months, because I keep the bedroom curtains open in order to keep the fan turned on and facing into the room, or it is just plain too hot to sleep.

I need my sleep. Trust me.

I do this with pants that are worn out and replaced during the winter months as well. This is how I stock up for summer on jammie shorts. Then I don’t have to buy any. Very frugal.



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