Having it Rough

Okay, so…honesty is a virtue. Right? To blog about something like one’s income is not easy, but it is honest and to the point. It is hard to come on here and say that things are not going well, but they are not. What I am getting at?

I lost my job.

Well, not completely. I should get it back in September, and I do still have part of my job. I run a small daycare from my home. Sometimes this is great financially. Sometimes, not so much – like right now.

I had a regular job caring for my nephew full time. $100.00 a week. Anything else I made was great. Unfortunately, she lost her job. She begins school again in September, but this is a huge loss for both of us. We were both ‘poor’ to begin with.

Now, I still have 1 child that I care for – another nephew as a matter-of-fact – but I only care for him part time, $30.00 – $50.00 a week. I am now feeling the crunch.

I had already given up the DirecTV and BlockBuster.com in preparation of the winter. There is not really anything else for me to give up. I am hoping that my sister finds another job soon.

Of course, I am doing my part. I have 6+ applications out. But I do not have a lot that I am really supposed to do. I take the chance of messing up my back again with a lot the jobs available. Also, I do not have a lot of job skills, or outside experience.

I have noticed that there aren’t a lot of available jobs to begin with. This is hard, but whenever I here about one in my area, I will do what I have to do and fill out an application.

So, I have been depressed this past week, which is why I have not been posting. I am still posted for childcare, but there seems to be less and less people needing services these days. I think that some ‘older’ children may be staying at home alone more these days, even though they are not really mature enough for the responsibility, because their parents just can’t seem to afford the childcare expenses. Not all, but many.


P.S. Though I live on little to begin with, I will be learning to live on even less until I have more income. I will visit the food cupboard every week, and I have an appointment in October for fuel assistance (won’t get much).

P.P.S. I really do miss both my DirecTV and BlockBuster.com. However, a friend let me borrow a few movies that were really good:

An alternate, 2-D version of the current Direc...
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2 thoughts on “Having it Rough

  1. Shannon, so sorry to hear about your situation. It’s understandable that you feel depressed. I think acknowledging that is part of being able to deal with everything going on so you can keep persevering. I pray things get better for you soon. I’m going to keep you in my prayers if you don’t mind. You are doing the very best that you can I am sure. Take care.

  2. Hi Shannon.I wonder if you have head of Angel Food Ministries.If not,check out their website ( sorry can’t link ).The food is great and very low cost.You just have to pick up at a local church.No questions asked.It’s available for everyone ,no matter what your income is. God bless.
    Tammy in Delaware

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