Christmas Stockings

When my daughters were little, I started filling their stockings with:


A toothbrush




Bubble Bath

A small toy


My daughter is now 15, but would be heartbroken if I didn’t fill her stocking. I will not have many gifts to put under the tree, but the stocking stuffing for a teenage girl can be expensive. Here is the game plan:

Beauty magazine – .99 at Rite-Aid

$ tree finds:

soap gift set




shave foam


nail care set


It will likely cost me $8.00 plus tax for this. Not too bad of a price. I can pick up one item a week.

If I have time, I will also make her some ornaments or something. She also loves coffee, so she may get some under the tree.




One thought on “Christmas Stockings

  1. How about signing up for freebies? You would be able to get most of the items on your list that way. You can always utilize coupons too, and get the full-sized items for hardly anything. Just a thought.

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