How I Recycle

The only things that we actually recycle are returnables. We do not have a vehicle, and we do not have mandatory recycling pick-up because we live in a privately owned park. There are some other things that we do, though:

* We get what newspapers that we need from my mother. When we are done with them,  I use them in the garden.

* Whenever I have something that I do not need, I do one of the following:

Offer it to someone else.

Deliver it to a thrift shop.

Bring it to the food cupboard.

Have a yard sale.

Put it out by the road with a free sign.

* I purchase as much as I can second hand.

* I reuse things when I can.

* I use egg shells in the garden.

* I use water from doing dishes and cooking pasta, eggs and vegetables in the garden.


I know that there is more that I can be doing, and I will work on them things.



2 thoughts on “How I Recycle

  1. Love your blog by the way. Just wanted to say, I don’t know whether you wear or otherwise use panty-hose, but old panty-hose are great at cutting through soap scum when cleaning the bathroom (they especially get glass shower surrounds sparkling). Also great for cleaning the faucet taps, you wrap them around and see saw the taps clean.

    Also I know it isn’t recycling, but I buy essential oils that smell good and that have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal or anti-creepy crawly properties and use them in cleaning solutions for an extra kick or mix them in squirty bottle with water and a bit of detergent as an emulsifier and use them as air fresheners / pest repellent. Lemon oil is good as it has anti-bacterial properties and discourages spiders and flies. I spray some on the screens when I clean the windows. Lavender is good all around the house, as is cinnamon, and clove oil inhibits mildew & mold (I apply some to the grout in the bathroom). Kind of an inexpensive greener way to pest control and cleaning.

  2. Hi! I just wanted to say how much I love your site. I’ve been reading for a couple weeks now. You have great ideas and I’ve been trying to cut costs around here and also be a little more green. I’m slowly, as I use up all the old, switching to better cleaners around my house. More baking soda, vinegar, things like that.

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