Reusing Every Day Items: Things that I Plan to do

There are still things that I intend to start doing to help the environment and to live more frugally. I am attempting to green my home in small steps.
* I used to reuse aluminum foil, and I am going to get back into the habit of this. I will do the same with the wax and parchment papers. We line our baking pans with aluminum foil or parchment paper, depending on what we are making. I can wipe these down and reuse them.
* I plan to see if Hanaford accepts plastic shopping bags for recycling. I am switching to canvas bags.
* I will be decorating my shoe boxes and putting holes in them to use in for storing the power strips in my livingroom and bedroom.
* I will be making some coasters from old, scratched up CD-Roms, etc.
* I plant to use egg cartons in a couple of different ways. I will use them to start some of the seeds in next year, and I will be breaking them up and adding them as ‘peanuts’ when shipping packages. When my children attended 4-H, I would bring them in for the woman who sold us fresh eggs from her hens.

* I plan to take our old eye glasses back to the eye doctor, so that she can give them to someone who cannot afford glasses.

* I will be using film canisters and old prescription bottles to store thumbtacks, rubber bands, paper clips, etc. I will also fill some with household odds and ends such as nuts, bolts, etc, and for storing  seeds and extra buttons. I may also put a few loose buttons or beads inside and use as a cat toy.

* There are many ways in which I can reuse small jars. I can use them to  keep on the desk for storing paper clips, rubber bands, etc. I can also use them for storing excess seeds. If I decorate the lid and jar with fabric paints, lace, and sequins, etc., I can fill them with candy, bath salts, a candle, etc.,  and give as gifts.

* I can use old laundry baskets and/or hampers for temporary storage of returnables, or I may line one with a blanket and let the cats use it as a bed. I can also use them as small compost bins. 

* Candy tins can be used to make mini sewing kits.

* We are missing some of our checkers. I am going to make some more by painting milk jug caps black and red. I will also cut of the bottoms of some jugs to use as mini greenhouses in the garden next spring.

* I may make newspaper logs and sell them cheaply to people with fireplaces and wood stoves. I can do something along that line with pine cones as well.

* I can shred paper (once both sides are used) to use as packaging material.

* I am planning on doing some things with old pencil boxes when I come across some at a yard sale or someplace. I can decorate them and pack them with school supplies for the daycare children and their siblings, or care packages for different things like dorms, or art supplies, or sewing boxes for gifts I could also store first aid supplies in one, rubber-band it shut and keep in bathroom, kitchen or the shed. I can also use them in the kitchen for orderly storage of soup mixes, taco seasonings, tea bags, etc. I will likely have one for coupons as well.

* There are many things that I can do with old picture frames.  I can stain or paint them a different color for a fresh, new look. I can save the glass and backing of standard size frames for when others break. I may replace the glass from some with  mirrors for a fresh look.  I can turn a small picture frame into a coaster by glueing a soft material to the back so it does not scratch my table. The cardboard backing can be used as a fire starter.

* I love to use herbs and spices. I plan to begin reusing the bottles by filling them with my home grown spices, spice mixes, sugar, and sugar/cinnamon mixes. I can also use them to store small craft and scrapbooking supplies, pens and pencils. I can use one each for salt and pepper packets for picnics.

* I used to use toilet paper rolls with the daycare children to make napkin rings for parties. I will use them for making ‘fire crackers’ to give as gifts. They will hold plastic bags to put into glove compartments to be used for trash. I can use these to start seeds as well, if I close up the bottom.



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