Ways I Reuse Every Day Items

 There are many ways in which we can all live more frugally while saving our environment. Greening our homes does not have to cost megabucks up front. We can take our time to learn, which will provide us with money savings down the road. With the money that we save, we can purchase helpful items to help us save more money. We can also use that money for the much needed food and gas.

I am setting aside a few dollars here and there for a few things, like a programmable thermostat, a mop with a reusable cloth and a low-flow shower head.

I still have a long ways to go in my ‘greening’ efforts, but here is what I currently do with:


Plastic Shopping Bags:
* Use them in the bathroom trash can.
* Use them to send things home with others.
* Use them when scooping the litter boxes. We have two, and four cats.
* Use them when bagging returnables.
* Use them for toting wet clothes home from the park.
It is my goal to not accept plastic bags for purchases. I am trying to train myself to always bring at least a couple of canvas bags with me when I leave the house.
Plastic Baggies:
* I wash these out and reuse them as many times as I can.
* When I used to puppy-sit for my sister, I would use them to put the puppy poop in when scooping the poop.

I am trying to collect (as cheaply as possible, more reusable containers with lids so that know longer have to purchase plastic baggies.


3 Ring Binders:

* We use these for homeschooling.

* I used one for recipes.

* I used one for a household binder.

* I also use these for business purposes.



* We are currently using our old comforters and such for fluff for our sofa and chair. We desperately need a new set. Without the blankets being stuffed into parts of them (under the cushions) we would sink to the floor every time we sat down. The set looks good, but is not real comfortable without the extra stuffing.

* These are great for picnics.

* They are also great for children to eat there popcorn on during movie night.



* We use these to write shopping lists on. We put coupons inside them.

* We also use them as scrap paper. If you open them all the way, you can use both sides.

* Small children will use them to play post office with.


Flower Pots – Small/Medium/Large:

* I get the small ones cheap from yard sales, and keep the ones that seedlings come in. I use these to start seeds in the spring.

* I also pick up large ones anywhere I can. These can be reused year after year as well.


Small Jars:

* I am using these in my shed for storage of nuts, bolts, etc.

* I use these for storing craft supplies.


Other Jars (Canning/Food):

* I use for storing extra spaghetti sauce and other foods.

* I also use these to store craft supplies.

* I use these to store small toys as well.


Milk Jugs – Plastic:

* I have cut out the front top half of a couple of these, and I use them to hold rags.

* I also use one to hold egg shelf that I later crush for the garden.



* I scrunch it all up and use it to fill in packages to be mailed.

* I wrapped plates and other breakables in newspaper when we moved.

* I am using the non-glossy sections in my garden.

* I have used shredded newspaper in the litter boxes.

Scrap Paper:

* I have made notepads to keep near the phone.

* When doing first drafts of school papers, print on the reverse side of used computer paper, photocopies, etc.

* I use it for shopping lists.

* The children do their work out on scrap paper before writing their answers in their workbooks.

* The daycare children will use all they can get their hands on for making pictures, bookmarks and cards.


Plastic Food Containers:

* I store leftovers in these in the refrigerator.

* I dispose of grease in these when cooking.

* I also use these to store craft materials.


Plastic Utensils:

* Many of these were recently given to us. I have no problem washing them and reusing them for picnics and parties.


Shower Curtain:

* I used to cover my table with an old curtain while the children are painting or playing with play-dough to make for easy clean-up. I use a fabric one now.



* I boil ours and reuse them for cleaning.


Old Dish/Wash Cloths and Towels:

* I cut these up and use them as rags.

* I have a few towels that I am reusing for the daycare children to dry off with at the playground.


One thought on “Ways I Reuse Every Day Items

  1. Great article… and don’t forget the benefits that planting a tree will have on the environment. Each one will soak up 20kgs of CO2 every year and put enough Oxygen back in the atmosphere to support 2 people.

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