Tomorrow is World Environment Day

The UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) offer a list of 80 ways to celebrate World Environment Day. It is a great list, and a great thing to do for our Earth. If you read the growing number of posts in my Goals: Save and Help category, you will see what my family is doing to both help our and environment and save money in the process. A few of those things are listed below. What will you do to celebrate on this day, and every day? I am planning and Environmental Program for my daycare children. Some of the things we already do, and I am coming up with more ideas to use with them. Here is my short piece on the subject:


There are things that my family does to help our environment. We have changed out all of our light bulbs, and are getting into the habit of using canvas bags rather than plastic ones when shopping. We are trying to use less water, and turning the television off a lot more.

Whenever we have things that we do not need, we will set them out at the road for free, give them to a charity or to someone we know, or try to sell them. A man in the neighborhood took away all of our old metal stuff after I sat everything out by the road. He and his friend make much needed extra money this way. I am happy to help.

We walk wherever we can. While my daughter is away at the university (for the Upward Bound Program) this summer, she will bike home on the weekends that she comes home.

I am starting an environmental learning program with my daycare children this summer. We walk to our destinations, pick up trash at the parks (and don’t leave any of our own) and playgrounds that we visit, and will be doing other things as well. We will also be working toward greening our picnics. I have already purchased reusable containers for some things.

We homeschool, and try to do things for the environment in this part of our lives as well. We purchase most of our books used, then turn around and sell or give away most of those. We reuse paper and envelopes as scrap paper. Even small pieces. We reuse all of the school supplies that we can, including binders, report covers and folders, as many times as we can.

There are other things that we do as well.

What do you do to help our environment?

Check out the list here:



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