Did Some Planting Today

Good afternoon, everyone!

I did some container planting today. I spread some carrot seeds (Thumbelina, Danver’s and Short ‘N Sweet) in with some of the vegetables that I planted yesterday.

I also planted some Rutger Tomatoes and Zucchini, as well as some herbs: Sweet Basil, Parsley, Lavender and Common Thyme. I planted a lot of Parsley so that I will (hopefully) have enough to dry and give as gifts at the holidays.

* NOTE: I always have many Chives and Lily’s growing in the yard. They come back year-after-year. They both spread, so I am sending some of the Lily’s home with my mother.

I noticed that there are more of the sunflowers that I started from seed popping up today than there were yesterday.

There are now prettily potted mixed flower seeds potted and placed on to the deck. They will be a pretty contrast to the vegetables and herbs.

Jack-Be-Little Pumpkins can (supposedly) be grown in planters, so I planted a couple of seeds. They are vining plants, so the will need support. I can provide that easily enough.

I also trimmed the front garden. It holds the Lily’s and Chives.

Happy Planting!



3 thoughts on “Did Some Planting Today

  1. HI! I’m really glad there are people like you putting in the effort to help other people through such tough times, especially with the recipes! eating well is such an important part of being happy and healthy and productive, i think we’re all fortunate that people like yourself are taking the time to teach your lessons to others 🙂

    the other sections on your blog have been a godsend for me and have really helped me through the past year or so (i’m a grad student)… you’re an inspiration in a time when people are so cavalier about living in excess

    i wish only the best for you and yours, and look forward to many more visits on your site 🙂

  2. Thank you for your kind words. I like to know that I am helping people. I hope shool is going well for you. I have two sisters, a brother and a best friend in college, so I know how much work that can be. Not to mention working for a paycheck on top of everything else. Good luck with your education!

  3. Good luck Shannon with your sunflowers – every time i see these I think of Bill and Ben the flower pot men. This was a kiddies programme that I still believe was a sunflower in the middle, but others say I an wrong and it is a weed. Well no need to argue over this because at the end of the day all plants regardless are beautiful

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