Working in the Yard, Gardening

I will am starting a new category about gardening for food and pleasure, but I wanted to let you all know what I have been doing in the yard today. I have been working there all day, except for a short stint to the greenhouse, cemetery and grocery store.

First, I built myself a garden bed from some of the wood from a big, heavy pallet that I got for free. I figure I can make two more beds from it.

I lined the bottom with wet newspaper to stunt weed and grass growth, then I filled that with compost and some good dirt.

I then planted some snap pea and rhubarb seeds, as well as some seedlings: cherry tomato, early cabbage and lettuce.

I planted a mix of flowers near the fence, all from seed that I received free. If they take, I will have morning glory, daisies, marigolds, cosmos, bachelor buttons, sweet williams and a few others that I cannot remember off the top of my head.

I also worked on the area in front of my porch. I pulled weeds, trimmed, laid down more wet newspaper, and poured cheap dirt over the newspaper. I put a white gait door behind that area, right up against the porch, to use as a trellis, and I filled four planters with compost. I arranged everything and added more seedlings: More cherry tomatoes, six vining cucumbers, broccoli, two red cabbage, two early cabbage, and one late cabbage so far. The rest I will transplant when the seedlings roots take.

I filled ten other containers with soil and called it good for the day.

The seedlings did not cost a lot. I hope to build a mock greenhouse so that I can start plants early myself within the next couple of years. This will be helpful. My cats would eat anything that I tried to start inside.

I do have some sunflowers seedlings that I started myself. I will likely start some more.

This is what I do every Memorial Weekend.

Happy Planting!



2 thoughts on “Working in the Yard, Gardening

  1. Looking forward to the new category. Gardening is a very rewarding past time not only for filling the garden with beauty (flowers) but filling bellies too with fresh vegetables. Both combinations can be healthy alternatives in keeping you healthy and beautiful

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