Goodwill, Bangor Maine: Great Deals!!!

Wow! I can’t believe the deals that we found while shopping at the Goodwill! My favorite treasures were a cast iron pot, and a cast iron pastry pan that will make cute little holiday breads this year. (By the way, for those who read the Thrift Shop post, I remembered what the other kitchen item was: A 4 pan mini bread pan – also for holiday baking!)

Here are the treasures from the Goodwill.

The first receipt was for Skye’s clothes and the pans, totaling $37.72:

$2.99 the cast iron pot

$2.99 the cast iron bake pan

$5.99 jeans

$4.99 a shirt

$4.99 another shirt

$4.99 another shirt

$3.99 shorts

$3.99 shorts

Zowie’s clothes totaling $28.27:

$2.99 bra

$2.99 bra

$2.99 bra

$2.99 dressy top

$1.99 a shirt

$3.99 jammie pants

$3.99 jammie pants

$4.99 jammie pants

We saved a lot of money by shopping here.




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