Goals Update: Showers

Well, I have managed to cut my waters use (and electricity, sewer bills) a little more. Not a lot each month, but it will add up over the course of a year.

My showers are shorter. Generally, I take a quick shower, rinsing my body and only washing ‘the important parts’. This is working. My skin looks and feels better, and I am not stinky. I asked people, just to make sure. I’m still hesitant not to wash ‘the important areas’ each day. This is saving money on soap, and allows me to create less (packaging) waste in the landfills.

I was my hair every other day, just rinsing it quickly in between. I have very long hair, and normally have oiliness issues if I do not wash it every day. I am not having such problems because of rinsing every other day. I am considering rinsing two days in a row to see if I can get away with it. This is saving money on shampoo, and allows me to create less (packaging) waste in the landfills.

As for shaving, so far so good with the infinity razor. I do not keep in in the shower stall. I put it on my shelf to air dry, and to keep it away from the bulk of the moisture. Zowie keeps hers in the shower. We will see whose lasts longer.

I shave my arm pits every day, at this point using the last two disposable razors in my house. I gave a bunch to Skye when she was visiting home last weekend. I use the infinity razor to shave legs and bikini line once or twice a week at this point. This I do in the shower, and it doesn’t take but a minute.

I think I am taking 2 minute showers on non shave/hair washing days. Then add a minute for each of those activities when I do them.


I figured out that, if my infinity razor lasts just two or three years, it will have been worth the asking price. The replacement would likely end up costing the price of the razor after shipping, so I would likely just spend the $10.00 on a new one at that point. This is not a big deal, as I would have paid more than that on disposable razors over the course of that two or three years, and generated much more waste than throwing out the infinity razor and its stand will. For each year the razor lasts after the third year, I will be saving much more money and creating a lot less waste.

I can live with that.




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