Updates: My Goals

Well, Zowie and I each have an Infinity Razor now. So far, so good.  No razor burns anyway.

I ordered the Diva Cups on Amazon, and am expecting them soon. I spent less than I have found the things in other places.

I had to buy a refurbished monitor for the desktop. I hadn’t wanted to. The computer genius husband of one of my sisters tried like heck to fix the other one. It turned out that the problem could be one of two things. If it turned out to be the second thing that I decided to order, then it would have been more expensive than purchasing a refurbished monitor. With tax, I paid about $150.00, delivered the next day for free.

The old monitor? I give all computer stuff I know longer need to my sisters husband. He fixes everyones computer, and this saves us all a lot of money in the long run. I have given him 3 monitors, a printer and two towers. Very old, but with still usable parts. This has helped others to get there computers fixed.

I have started many seeds, and purchased some organic compost. Just a couple of bags to mix with soil for the two front gardens.

I am working on other things as well.



3 thoughts on “Updates: My Goals

  1. I just a new monitor too. I just wanted a regular 19″ inch that wasn’t widescreen and I couldn’t find one anywhere!

    I didn’t want to buy it online coz I wasn’t sure if it would work with my graphics card and returning electronic equipment is always expensive.

    I’m kind of like your sis’s husband – thank god I live far away from all my relatives 😉

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