I Have been Away too Long

I apologize. We have been dealing with my daughters medical concerns, and I have been working over-time trying to help the neighbors clean and pack for their move.  They moved yesterday morning, and I ended up earning some money (Though I hadn’t done the work for that reason. I just wanted to help.) and receiving many, many helpful items. What we could not use, we sent to Job Corps for the kids who go there, sent with family and friends, and helped my older daughter prepare for her first apartment, which she may be getting soon. Many people were helped by the things that this couple did not want to take with them, and I admit that it was nice having extra money for food and the like. And I made  a friend. All is good that ends well.

So, now I get to do my spring cleaning, work in my yard, and work on these blogs. Visit often to see what knew things I will be adding on this blog.

Happy Days!




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