A Way To Get Useful Items

You may remember that I had been helping out the neighbors off an on this past winter. They have been sending me home with many things. At first I was doing this for free, but they have insisted on paying me since Christmas. I can use the money, so I am not complaining.

However, this a good way to get useful items, even if you do not get paid. People may need help, but cannot afford to pay for the help. How about offering to help for free if they will give you their cast-offs. Maybe they are moving, maybe they are sick, or maybe someone they love has recently passed away. Whatever the reason, they will get needed help, and you will receive some useful items.

I will not go over what I have already recorded here, but here are some things that I have received for my efforts:

a package of peat pots, seeds

binders, loose-leaf paper, floppy disk, page protectors, pens, highlighters, etc.

many shampoos, conditioners, ponds facial pads, sunblock, soaps, lotions, toothpastes and mouthwashes, samples and full size items

band-aids, bandages


quilt batting and frame, quilt block kits, yarns, paints, needlepoint kit

reusable shopping totes

make-up, etc., nail polishes

manicure sets, hair accessories, make-up bags

stuffed animal organizer, shower massager

an alarm clock, magazines, a throw pillow, earrings and other jewelry

gift bags and tissue paper

Textbooks (college)

food and beverages, water bottles


And for my Skye’s first apartment:

2 nice end tables, wall decors, an electric hand mixer, a shower liner and two nice candle holders


What do I do with the things that I do not need?

After my daughter and I go through everything to see what we need, I then put useful items away for Skye’s first appointment (she may be moving into one as early as summer), then I see is I know anyone else who can use some things.

I also give some things away to homeschoolers, or send them to Job Corps with Skye to hand out to kids/young adults who need them. I have done this with soaps already, and I am sending many school supplies next.


I am still helping my neighbors. They are supposed to move in May, and will be living in a motor home for six months. They are only storing what they absolutely must save, and are getting rid of everything else.


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