Do you believe in karma?

I help the couple across the street out when they need it. I did not let them pay me at first, then the husband gave me a $50.00 gift at Christmas. It is rude to give back a gift, and the money was helpful. The wife had given us clothes, spring bulbs to plant, baskets and many other small things. We were very grateful for these things, and didn’t feel that it was necessary to be paid as well.

The wife is in need of some help again, and the husband told her that he wouldn’t let me help unless I allowed him to pay me $10.00 and hour. At this time, we can really use the money. This is fine. And I am happy to help.

I have cleaned for them about 3 1/2 hours this week, so I will be paid $35.00. This is great. Another small bill paid.

Today, I cleaned out the food cupboard and swept and washed the floor. I also did some dishes and took the trash out.

The woman sent me home with magazines, 2 boxes of slim fast, 2 boxes of cereal, 2 boxes of coffee filters and a bath tub whirlpool unit.

The whirlpool unit regularly costs about $100.00. She purchased it new for about $20.00, and it was used twice. It has been collecting dust, so a little cleaning and we can use it. I usually shower, but will try it out. My daughter is so excited over using it.

They say that if you do bad things, bad things will return to you. But, if you do good things, good things will come to you. This is karma, which I fully believe in. I guess it is my turn for the good karma’s return.

I have wanted one of those bath whirlpool setups, but could never afford one. I will use the slimfast for a snack sometimes, and there is enough cereal now to last about a month. That is a month where I only have to provide fruit and milk at breakfast. That is great. I will read a couple of the magazines, then I will send the rest to my sister. I will also give the coffee filters to someone who can use them. Plus, I can pay a bill.

All of these free items help me to save money in the long run, or to have things that I would never have been able to afford otherwise.

Happy Days,



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