Amy’s Homemade Onesies

Amy made these for her daughter Hannah. There are directions and photographs of her little one wearing the finished product.

I am still looking for patterns for sewing the onesies so, if anyone has them, please pass them along.

Warmest Wishes,



One thought on “Amy’s Homemade Onesies

  1. There are several commercial “sleeper” patterns available through Kwik Sew, if there are stores in your area who regularly put patterns on sale very cheaply. You could also get a used onesie, take it apart, and make your own pattern.

    Sewing knits generally requires a serger if the seams are to hold up and be “stretchy”, and sergers are not cheap. If you’ve already got one, though, a pattern for a onesie shouldn’t be hard to figure out. (The girl who made the tutus may have avoided the serger issue by using pre-made onesies.)

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