Living on a Food Budget of $121.00, for 2 People Plus

Well, things are going to be tough this winter. Our food budget is a whole whopping $121.00 for me and Zowie full time, Skye every so often, and Isaiah who eats some meals plus snacks here each week.

Luckily, I have a good stock of food. The freezer and the small pantry area are full. We have a lot of pasta and potatoes to start. All of the meat is packaged in 1/2 servings and put in the freezer, except for the turkey bacon (a steal at $1.99 a package) which is divided into 4 pieces per package. No matter how many people are here, we can only take out one package of meat for lunch and dinner. We will also be eating more meatless meals.

I have plans to visit CrossRoads Ministries to see if we can get some discounted foods. I’m not sure how that will go. I have found that I can get a few items cheaper at the dollar store. I am purchasing items on sale, and I have recently stocked us up on baking products for baking from scratch.

We tried a successful whole wheat bread recipe that netted us six loaves of bread. We have baked two so far, and the rest are waiting (individually wrapped and placed in freezer bags) in the freezer. There are other recipes that we will be trying as well.

What does this amount look like each week?

$30.25 per week for 4 week months, and $24.20 per week for 5 week months.

I’m not sure what I can do with these amounts, but we shall see. For a little while, I will only need fresh produce each week.


7 thoughts on “Living on a Food Budget of $121.00, for 2 People Plus

  1. Have you tried Angel food ministries?
    Check out their website.$30 for a box of food.
    My husband is out of work and we have 6 people.
    – We eat a lot of rice and noodles. Stir fry
    – Soup is a stretcher.
    – pot pies homemade
    – Goulash
    – I buy all my meat manager special or fast sale, has long as you use it right away or freeze it.
    You are right about bread bread will fill your family up.
    My Grandma always told me better days are coming! I know they are hang in there. Your frugal friend

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