After Christmas Shopping

After the holidays a great time to purchase clearance items for 50% and more off their regular prices for. These items can help you out a lot when next years holidays roll around.

What to look for:

gift-wrap, boxes and bags (Plain Red: Also good for Valentines Day, birthdays. Plain Green: Also good

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for St. Patrick’s Day and birthdays. Other plain colors could be used for birthdays. Silver (anniversary), Gold (anniversary, New Years Eve), etc.)

gift tags and bows (Again, think about other events in the coming year.)

tissue paper (Same as the previous two.)


paper/plastic cups, etc.

toys, books, clothing, etc. (to give as gifts next year and throughout this year.)

tissues in holiday containers

winter clothing in holiday prints, etc. (For use by your family throughout the winter.)

holiday cards for next year

candies (Throw them in the freezer for next year. Also, take red ones out for Valentines Day, Gold for New Tear’s Eve, and green for St. Patrick’s Day.)

stickers – acid and lignin free (To use in scrapbooking your holiday celebrations.)

tree skirts (If you keep your tree up year round, how about: White for winter, green for spring/summer, red for Valentine’s Day, etc.)

lights and garlands

artificial trees, wreaths

yard decorations

This can all save you a lot of money for next years’ holidays and other events. You should be able to save at least half of what you normally spend.

Besides money, it will also save you time before the holidays. If you play your cards right, you won’t even have to run to the store for last minute stocking stuffers.



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