The Diva Cup (Not for Men)

I have been doing some research, looking into how to save money in certain ways. This year, we are having a particularly hard time financially. I am looking into all of the ways that we can live more frugally. My main question is: how can live cheaper when prices are rising so quickly and income is not?

Men, you may not want to head down this road with me, so I will understand if you click out of this particular post.

Ladies, we are about to head into the topic of menstrual flows.

I, personally, have a very heavy flow. I have been using both tampons and pads. I was using only tampons until about a year ago, and then the flow was just too heavy.

On top of that, I have two daughters who also use these items.

This is quite the expense for us each month. I am looking at using about $20.00 to $25.00 dollars a  month for pads and tampons alone.  One of my daughters is moving in a week, so that will cut us back to $15.00 to $20.00 a month. We are all very picky about certain aspects of these things, so this is the cheapest we have found that we can get these items in our area.

I was reading the latest issue of Countryside magazine, when I came across and ad for the Diva Cup (This link will take you to there Question and Answer section: I researched different types of menstrual cups years back, but just thought ‘Yuck!’

Now, I can honestly say that this cup is different. First, it does not use latex. Second, when reading through the questions and answers carefully, you get quite the education which helps you to understand how useful these can be for you. And third, they have two sizes, and should make it so that my heavy flow is no longer a problem, ruining panties and such. It will catch all of that. And fourth, one cup should last for years.

Okay, so I looked around on-line for cheaper prices on the site (which you can do easily), and found a source for The Diva Cup at $17.50 per cup. Adding shipping (we will say $4.00 each, though I am not positive), I have done some math.

At $20.00 a month for pads and tampons we will pay:

$240.oo for a year using these products, and

$720.00 over a three year period.

According to the website, these should last for years, but the example says that many women prefer to order a new one every few years. So, if I buy a cup for one daughter and myself, it should cost approximately about $43.00.

The savings would be as follows:

A savings of $197.00 for one year, and

A savings of $677.00 over a three year period.

At that rate, I could save enough money to pay ahead a month or two on bills, go with my daughter and her friend to California to help them get settled into their new home in about 5 years, spend time with them there (a month or two) and then come back home.

That really is a lot of money. I can’t do that, because we have to pay the bills now with the money saved. It was just and example to help to put things into perspective.

I am forwarding the side to my daughter, so she can check it out and see if she is willing to use one. They are cost effective, reusable, and easy to use. I will discuss it with her later.



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