Helping Neighbors

I am the kind of person who enjoys helping people. I like to do things, without wanting money for my efforts.

I have a neighbor who has had many surgeries, and is need of another. She and her husband are going to be moving in the spring, and she needs help going through her things. They are actually selling their home and most of their belongings to travel. What a great experience they will have.

I have been helping my neighbor go through some things, and we still have more to do. I told her that I did not need to be paid. While helping her, she has given my daughters and I many things:

  • magazines
  • clothing
  • a chocolate fondue set
  • a purse
  • perfume
  • many spring planting bulbs and some seeds in a nice duffel bag
  • Braille course
  • assorted school supplies
  • and a few other things

We are very grateful for these free items. What clothes we couldn’t use, we sent to my best friend for her niece to go through. Anything she couldn’t use went to the Good Will store.


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