Thanksgiving Decorating on a Budget (Updated)

Today, as we were leaving the trailer, I told my daughter that our porch looks naked. She had taken down all of the Halloween decorations, and my other daughter put the outdoor furniture, in the shed over the weekend. We were both in agreement that I should decorate the porch area again.

How can we decorate for autumn when we are living on such tight budgets? Well, for us it begins by purchasing items in stores and on-line just before and right after Thanksgiving. You can get really good prices this way.

Also, I shop yardsales, and sometimes even flea markets, when the weather is warm. You can get even better prices this way, and most people are more than willing to haggle.

Another good source for savings is a dollar store. This is where a lot of our things come from.

We still have a few items from that roadside stand that I told you about in a Halloween post as well. The pumpkins that were not carved, as well as the corn stalks.

So, here are the decorating ideas that I have for you:

  • I purchased a small bale of hay at Rite Aid at 50% off. This holds a medium and a small sized pumpkin.  They are placed right in front of the corn stalk that is in the corner in front of the porch. There are a few other pumpkins out there as well.
  • I also have a small scarecrow next to the corn stalk.
  • I purchased a small decorative hoe, and a matching shovel, which I put out there as well.
  • Hanging from the railing of the porch, I have a few other items that I acquired at half price as well. I tiny sign that says ‘Pumpkins 5 cents’, a bell with a painted scarecrow face, and three scarecrows on a swing.
  • I had purchased gourds cheaply at a roadside stand as well, and I put them into a basket which is set on a step. There is a pumpkin on each of the other two steps.
  • I purchased two strands of autumn leaf garland for 75% off one year at Rite Aid. They are hung on the railings to the steps.
  • I have a few metal pumpkin tea-light holders on the porch.
  • I made a wreath for the front door.

I have also decorated the inside:

  • I made wreaths for the two livingroom windows, as well as the kitchen window. I also have leaf window clings.
  • I hung things that the girls made when they were younger.
  • I made two fall leaf garlands.
  • I purchased some candle holders, a table runner, some treat holders, and little pilgrims and Native Americans and turkeys from Terry’s Village on-line at deep discounts one year.

All f these make nice touches to our home.


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