Decorating for Autumn Holidays, On the Cheap

There are a few things that you can do to decorate for the autumn holidays, without spending a lot of money.  At this time, stores are already offering discounts on autumn decorations to make room for placing Christmas stuff on their shelves.

NOTE: My favorite thing to do is shop clearance sales after Halloween and Thanksgiving. Doing this has enabled me to acquire a bunch of decorations very frugally. And I have no problem taking items others offer to give me.

Here are some tips for those of you who are on a tight budget this year.

* Look for roadside stands. I recently purchased little pumpkins and gourds at 9 for $3.00. I will remove the seeds before Halloween and use the pumpkins as candle holders. These will be lined along the rail of  my porch. The gourds are already in a basket on the sideboard, and will be moved outside after Halloween to use as a Thanksgiving decoration.

* The roadside stand also netted me a bunch of corn stalks. They are placed in bunches next to the porch right now, but will be moved to the front of the porch when the Halloween decorations come down.

* Each of us chose a pumpkin for carving for only a couple dollars each as well.

* One year, we picked up huge pumpkins for $1.00 each at a pick-your-own farm.

* Some stores are selling small and medium size straw bales at 50% off. You can place pumpkins or a homemade scarecrow on one for a yard scene.

* I purchased a cornucopia shaped basket, some fake leaves and gourds at Joanne Fabric one year. This is used for our table in November.

* Visit the dollar store. They have many money-saving options.

Please let me know how you save money decorating for autumn. I am open to craft instructions as well.



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