Roadside Savings and More, a Freebie to Boot!

Skye and I stopped into Dawn ’til Done on the way home Saturday. We purchased a good size pie pumpkin for $1.50, a pumpkin for Skye, and some garlic. The total was just over $3.00.

Then we stopped at a stand where a farmer was selling squash and potatoes. He was selling the potatoes in big bags of, like, 50 pounds each. We don’t need that much, so I asked if we could purchase just a few pounds. He put 4 or 5 pounds of potatoes in a bag, and gave them to us, for free. How nice is that!

Now, I had wanted to purchase a few dollars worth of potatoes to help out a farmer from my state. I try to do this when I can, because I value these people who work so hard and contribute to Maine’s economy.

I was pleasantly surprised when he said that we could just have them. We do not see much of that type of kindness any more.


On Sunday, Mom asked if we would like to go out to the cemetery. We went with her so that she could trim the grass around our families’ stones. We stopped at Stevie’s on the way home. He has a roadside stand where he sells pumpkins and other things, at very affordable prices.

Skye and Zowie each got a huge pumpkin for about $2.50 each. I got quite a few good size pumpkins for under $2.00 each, corn stalk for only $3.00, and a bunch of gourds. I also purchased a huge zucchini for only $1.00.

This is all done on an honor system, and we are expected to leave the pay in a jar on the table. I gave him $20.00, even though what I had purchased didn’t cost that much. I think he ended up with almost $3.00 extra.

These are being used as decorations (Halloween and Thanksgiving). Then, if the pumpkins are still good, I will use the seeds and make puree from the insides for muffins and more. If not, then I will cut them in quarters and set them along the treeline for the animals to eat.


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