The Dryer


Once a month, it is a good idea to wash the lint trap. We use a toothbrush for this, and scrub both sides. Not doing so could lead to a fire, I hear, especially if you use dryer sheets.

Money Savers:

The girls and I have been discussing how to save money this winter. We will still hang our laundry out to dry whenever we can. We are actually still have 80* weather sometimes. Even when we can no longer hang clothes outside, we have decided to hang lighter items inside our home to dry.

I noticed that they now have dryer balls, and I am wondering if they work to keep static cling at bay and help to make the clothes softer. If anyone has any experience with these, please post here so that I can learn more.

Thank you.


2 thoughts on “The Dryer

  1. Yes, I went through two Dryer heating elements!! My lint catcher was loaded with wax and chemical buildup from softeners! I use wool dryer balls and love them so much that I decided to sell them. You can visit my site to learn more and contact me if you would like to purchase some.

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