Saving on Pickles, and Reusing the Jars

Have you noticed the prices of the small jars of pickles, versus the prices of the gallon size jars. You can easily pay $2-$3 a jar for the smaller size, which are gone in no time.

A couple of months ago, while perusing the pickle section, I noticed the big jars of pickles below. I decided to purchase a larg jar, and my daughters were ecstatic. The large jars cost about $5-$6, and last a good long time.

From a weightloss position, pickles are considered a freebie. So I can snack on a few spears a day without gaining weight from it. This makes me happy.

After you are done with the jars, wash them out well and reuse them. Here are some ideas for their use:

  • holding small balls of leftover yarn
  • using as canisters
  • using as snack jars
  • using for food storage
  • using for craft leftover storage
  • use to store legos and other toys
  • use to store rags

5 thoughts on “Saving on Pickles, and Reusing the Jars

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