The Dreaded Price Book

Admittedly, I have not started one of these yet. I read about them year ago in The Tightwad Gazette, but never wanted to take the time to make one. Why should I have? I could remember all of the prices, at all of the stores, for the items that I purchased.

Unfortunately, prices on different things are rising o often that I can no longer keep up with the changes. They just keep rising and rising. I cannot possibly remeber what items are what prices at each store.

So I have decided to keep a price book. It will list the item, then have columns for each store where I can write the price. This way, I will know when a sale is really a good thing, and when I can get the sale item cheaper elswhere. It will also be helpful when I go to Save-A-Lot for stock-up purposes. I will know if I can get products cheaper somewhere else just buy looking in my book.

The book will stay in my purse so that I always have it with me. It will include pages for different foods, clothing, personal and household items, school supplies, etc.



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