Frugal Cleaning Strategies

One of my big issues is the cost of cleaning supplies. This winter, while funds are low, I must learn to clean

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frugally. I already buy the cheapest brands at the cheapest prices, but this tactic just will not work for me this winter. Money is going to be too tight.

Here are my solutions so for:

* Laundry:

When I really cannot afford laundry detergent, I will use a squirt or two of dish detergent or a cap full of cheap shampoo. Both work well.

I will also be trying vinegar or a water and baking soda mixture rather than use fabric softener. I will still use my Downy ball for this, filling to the fill line.

UPDATE: These tactics worked well.

* Dishwasher:

We are currently testing how much washer detergent that we really need. We will go as low as we can on this.

I will also use vinegar instead of Jet-Dry.

UPDATE: The vinegar worked how much you can cut back on detergent depends on the brand.

Warmest Wishes,



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