Graphic by Shannon L. Buck, copyright 2018.

Notice Things Have Gone Missing?

If you’ve been here before and have been poking around the site, you might notice that many, many articles and posts have gone missing. There is a good reason for this. I’m moving the blog. Some articles that have been deleted from here have been updated and moved to Fabulous Frugal Life. I hope you’ll join me there! Be sure to sign up for the … Continue reading Notice Things Have Gone Missing?

Join Me on the New Site!

Join me now over on the new site: Fabulous Frugal Life! So far I’ve transferred just a couple of the articles from here, but I’d like to know what you think of the new site in general. Colors? Theme? General feel? NOTE: As I move articles from here to there, many of them are being re-written and added to. You’ll find something new/different in each. … Continue reading Join Me on the New Site!